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2020 Commodore Message

Ahoy fellow SRBCNC members, as well as any and all current Sea Ray owners who are more than welcome to join us in boating lifestyle. The Sea Ray Boat Club of Northern California is a Domestic Non-Profit Corporation registered with the State of California Secretary of State. It has been my pleasure and exceptional good fortune to be an active club member for the past 14 years. Beginning in 2005, I have enjoyed the unique and varied benefits that membership in this club bestow to those who join and participate. To those of you who have helped guide and smooth my boating life these past 14 years, I thank you. For those of you who are just joining this wonderful group, I welcome you, encourage you to cruise out as often as possible, and simply enjoy the boating life.  

Our website, http://www.srbcnc.org/, is the hub of our club. Here you will find virtually everything you will want or need to know relative to SRBCNC information and communication. I strongly urge each of you to visit the site frequently to ensure you stay in the loop and don’t miss out on any great events. Our webmaster, in conjunction with your Board and Directors commit to providing current updates on the club, upcoming activities, insight on SRBCNC’s “preferred providers”, as well as priceless candid phots of your SRBCNC comrades in action.

SRBCNC is all about ensuring that our membership in particular, and the general boating/delta communities in which we live and play, maximize their boating experience, safely and in harmony with the environment.

See you on the water often in 2020

Craig Burger
Commodore SRBCNC 2020