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2018 Cruise Schedule

2018 Cruise Schedule

Note: Flyers will be available for download, and signup/registration will be enabled, as the information becomes available from cruise leaders.

February 16-18 Pitsburg Yacht Club  Skehan & Trowbridge  Shepard Crab Feed Cruise Flyer
March 16-18 TBA Landcastle Gianelli St. Patrick's Day Flyer
April 6-8 Stockton Yacht Club Shelia & Roger Kelly Vinyard, Halling Opening Day on the Delta Flyer
May 25-28 Discovery Bay Jack & Elaine Lewis Vinyard Memorial Day Flyer
June 8-10 Hog Island barge Mike & Norma Palomino    June at The Barge Cruise Flyer
July 2-4 The Bedrooms 2 Plount Halling, Trowbridge Independence Day Flyer
August 3-5 ??? Trowbridge & Skehan Vinyard Mystery Cruise Flyer
August 31-September 3 Mildred Island Trowbridge & Humphrey Vinyard, Palomino, Landcastle, Burger Circle Cruise Flyer
September 28-October 8 Various SF Bay locations Burger Humphrey, Lewis, Landcastle Bay Cruise Flyer
October 26-28 Stockton Yacht Club Miller & Sans Kelly, Skehan Halloween Cruise Flyer


Please note: If this is your first cruise, be sure to read the Cruising With Us page.